How to Get from Treviso Airport to Venice: A Detailed Guide

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Luckily, Venice is very easy to get to from both airports. If you’re flying into Venice on one of the low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air then you will be coming in through the Antonio Canova airport in Treviso. 

You’ve got a lot of options to get to Venice from Treviso airport (TSF). The cheapest option is to take the bus from Treviso airport to the Stazione FS (Train Station) to reach Venice. However, that is not the most straightforward way. 

The best way to decide how to get from the Treviso airport to Venice is to have all the information on each of the transport options available. That way you can decide which is the best way to get to Venice based on your criteria.

In this article, I will give you all of your transport options to get from the Treviso Airport to Venice to start your adventure in the Floating City. 

Treviso Airport To Venice Overview

Treviso Airport, also known as Antonio Canova Airport, is a smaller airport located about 40 kilometers from Venice. It’s particularly popular with travelers flying with low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair and Wizz Air. These airlines often offer competitive fares, making Treviso Airport a cost-effective choice for many visitors heading to Venice and the surrounding region.

On the other hand, Marco Polo Airport is the main international gateway to Venice. It’s larger and closer to the city, located just about 13 kilometers away. This airport is serviced by a wider range of airlines, including both full-service and low-cost carriers. It offers more flights and connections, which might make it a more convenient option for some travelers.

However, the choice between Treviso Airport and Marco Polo Airport often comes down to factors like flight availability, ticket prices, and the final destination in the Venice area. Both airports have good transport links to Venice, so you can expect a straightforward journey to the city regardless of where you land.

The Cheapest Way to Get from the Treviso Airport to Venice: The Train

Although it isn’t the most straightforward way to get from Treviso airport to Venice, the train is by far the cheapest way. It’s not that complicated, though, so don’t worry!

treviso train station - treviso airport to venice

Just keep in mind that if you make all of the connections without waiting then the entire journey time between Treviso airport and Venice takes about an hour. Factor in if you miss each connection and have to wait it can take a while from when you get off the plane to when you will be arriving in Venice Piazzale Roma.

Step 1: Treviso Airport to Treviso Train Station

The first step is to get from Treviso Airport to Treviso Train Station, also known as Treviso Centrale. There’s no direct train service from the airport, so you’ll need to take one of the ATVO buses or a taxi to the train station.

The Treviso Airlink bus service (also called MOM or Mobilità di Marca) runs between the airport and the train station. The shuttle bus stop is located just outside the airport terminal, and a bus leaves every 30 minutes. The journey to the train station takes about 15 minutes.

treviso airlink bus to treviso train station - treviso airport to venice

You can buy the ticket for the shuttle bus inside the arrival hall on the ground floor from the ATVO tickets office, or on the bus platform from a small kiosk in the summer months. The price of the tickets is 5 euros for a 2 day ticket and 7 euros for a 3 day ticket. This gives you the potential for a shuttle bus return ticket to the airport if you travel back within that time frame. 

NB: There is a limit of 12 kg of baggage with an additional cost for bags over that limit. The prices for over-the-limit bags are 2 euro if paid for inside the terminal or 4 euro if you pay for it on board the bus.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the airport to the train station. The taxi rank is located outside the arrivals hall, and the journey takes about 10 minutes.

Click the link here for departure times and more information about the ATVO shuttle bus. 

Step 2: Treviso Train Station to Venice

Once you’re at Treviso station, you can catch a train to Venice. Trains to Venice leave regularly, with two main destinations: Mestre railway station and Venezia Santa Lucia. To arrive in Santa Lucia will cost you 3.80 euros so the total cost of the trip by train is 8.80 euros including the Treviso Airlink bus. 

automated train ticket machine - treviso airport to venice

Mestre train station is located on the mainland, while Santa Lucia is the final stop and is located in the heart of Venice. Make sure to get a train that goes to Venezia Santa Lucia if you want to be in the center of Venice.

The train journey time from Treviso to Venice takes about 30 minutes, and trains run approximately every 13 minutes. You can buy train tickets at the ticket machines or ticket office at Treviso Centrale.

Remember to validate your train ticket at the small green machines before you board the train. You simply insert the ticket inside the machine until it stamps the date and time and then beeps. This is a crucial step as failure to do so can result in a fine.

don't forget to validate the train ticket - treviso airport to venice

You also need to pay attention to what class of train wagon you choose. If you get in first class with a second class ticket you will be charged the difference plus a fine. There is no reason to get first-class tickets as there is little difference in comfort. 

Treviso Airport to Venice by Bus

Although you will spend more on taking shuttle buses from Treviso airport to Venice, it is faster and more convenient than taking the train. I highly recommend that you take the bus if you are only planning to spend one day in Venice since you will waste less time.

atvo bus from treviso airport to venice
barzi bus from treviso airport to venice

There are two main bus services available. There is the local ATVO bus service that will take you from the Treviso airport to Venice Piazzale Roma and the Barzi Bus service that takes you from Venice Treviso Airport to Tronchetto island where the parking garages are

From Piazzale Roma, you can take a vaporetto further into the historic center to places such as Piazza San Marco or wherever your hotel is. You can also walk there. 

  • ATVO Buses: ATVO provides a direct coach service from Treviso Airport to Venice. The journey takes approximately 70 minutes, depending on traffic. Buses are comfortable and equipped with air conditioning and ample luggage space. Tickets can be purchased online in advance, at the ATVO ticket office in the airport, or directly from the driver.
  • Barzi Bus Service: The Barzi Bus Service offers a slightly faster route, with a journey time of around 40 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online, at the airport, or from the driver. Don’t be tempted by the faster arrival time because it drops you off at a more inconvenient location on Tronchetto. There is a people mover that will take you to Piazzale Roma where the ATVO buses arrive, but you are adding more time onto the trip to get to where you want to be in Venice. 
Bus ServiceOne Way TicketReturn Ticket
ATVO Trainlink12 Euro22 Euro
Barzi Bus10 Euro18 Euro

Private Transfer from Treviso Airport to Venice

For a hassle-free and comfortable journey from Treviso Airport to Venice, you might consider booking a private transfer. This option provides a door-to-door service, taking you directly from the airport to your accommodation in Mestre if you are staying on the mainland, or to Piazzale Roma in Venice.

To arrange a private transfer, you’ll need to book in advance. You can do this online through the transfer company’s website. During the booking process, you’ll provide your flight details, the number of passengers, and your destination. This information allows the transfer service to schedule your pick-up and ensure a vehicle that suits your needs is available.

On the day of your arrival, the driver will meet you in the arrivals hall at Treviso Airport. They will typically hold a sign with your name for easy identification. From there, the driver will assist with your luggage and guide you to your private vehicle.

While a private transfer is more expensive than taking a bus or train, it offers several advantages. It’s a particularly good option if you’re traveling with a lot of luggage, with young children, or if you’re arriving late at night. The convenience of being taken directly to your accommodation can make for a smooth and stress-free start to your visit to Venice.

On the other hand, you can also take a taxi although it is not as luxurious an experience. 

Look for Radio Taxi Treviso outside the terminal and let the driver know where you are going. The taxi price 76 euros for 4 people if you are going all the way to Piazzale Roma. 

Car Hire from Treviso Airport to Venice

If you are only staying for one day in Venice, then renting a car and parking it on Tronchetto or in Mestre is not a bad option. If you are staying on Mestre then you may even be able to park right at your hotel. It’s not the cheapest way to get there but it isn’t the most expensive either.

car rental office inside treviso airport to venice
car rental office inside treviso airport to venice

Hiring a car at Treviso Airport is another option for getting to Venice, especially if you’re planning to explore more of the Veneto region during your trip. Here’s how you can go about it:

Several car hire companies operate at Treviso Airport, including international brands like Hertz, Avis, and Europcar, as well as local providers. You’ll find their desks in the arrivals hall of the airport. It’s advisable to book your car hire in advance, especially during peak travel periods, to ensure availability and the best rates.

Once you’ve picked up your car, the drive to Venice takes about 40 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic and the exact location of your accommodation. The route is well-signposted and takes you along the A27 motorway.

Treviso Airport to Venice FAQ

Which airport is better to get to Venice city center?

Venice Marco Polo Airport is the closest airport to Venice city center located just about 13 kilometers away. It offers more flights and connections, including both full-service and low-cost carriers. The proximity to the city and the availability of direct water taxi services from the airport to the city center make it a convenient choice for many travelers.
You can take a vaporetto directly from the airport to St Mark’s Square or any other area of the historic center, as well as a private water taxi

Is there Uber at Treviso Airport?

At the time of writing this article (July 2023), Uber is not available in Treviso. Local taxi services and private transfers are the primary options for direct, door-to-door transportation from Treviso Airport. However, it’s always a good idea to check the latest information, as the availability of services like Uber can change.

Is Venice Treviso airport big?

Treviso Airport, also known as Treviso A. Canova Airport, is not a large airport compared to many international standards. It primarily serves low-cost airlines and charter flights. Despite its smaller size, it offers essential amenities such as dining options, shops, car rental services, and efficient public transportation links. The airport is well-organized and capable of handling its passenger traffic smoothly, providing a comfortable travel experience. 

Wrapping it Up

Planning your journey from Treviso Airport to Venice can seem daunting at first, but with a little preparation, it can be a smooth and enjoyable experience. Whether you choose to travel by bus, train, taxi, private transfer, or hire a car, each option offers its own unique advantages.

Remember, the journey is as much a part of your Venetian adventure as the destination itself. So, whether you’re gazing out of a bus window at the Veneto countryside, navigating the local train service, or enjoying the comfort of a private transfer, each moment is a step closer to the enchanting city of Venice.

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